Chantix Day 9

Blog Post created by chrissyjane942 on Dec 10, 2017

Well, I finally had decided that my quit day would be 30 days after starting Chantix. I'm reconsidering it as the medicine is making me very nauseated. My desire to smoke is still there and the cigarettes aren't tasting any different. No crazy mood swings and I'm remembering my dreams but they're not unusual at all. I'm thinking of changing my quit date to December 16th, 2 weeks after starting Chantix. Mostly so I can wean myself off of this medicine. 


Has anyone else had similar experiences on Chantix? I have to admit I'm extremely jealous hearing about the people who are able to quit just days after starting Chantix. I'm wondering if I've done something wrong. I would love your feedback!