Blog Post created by cheyenne7 on Aug 9, 2018

I'm going to stop smoking when this pack is done, so some time today.  That is it, it's not the "perfect" time to quit, but the "perfect" time to quit is probably always NOW.  I just came back from vacation, I thought that would be the "perfect" time to quit. It was on my mind, and I thought I would possibly do one of those days, then I received heartbreaking news and this just confirms that in life, one never knows the "perfect" time to quit.  Truth is I probably wouldn't have quit down there anyway, I am still on vacation (although home now), I don't return to work until Saturday. So, I am just quitting today, I am not going to wait or try to predict the "perfect" time, life doesn't work that way.  Each day is unpredictable, it may be a wonderful news filled day, a no news filled day or a heartbreaking news filled day.  I have decided to quit.  I have to accept what I can't control, which isn't easy......we all have had heartbreaking news at one time or another, and I wish I could fix all that is broken or lost, instead we are left to mourn and cry.


I have been around for quite awhile, I come on the site to message with a dear friend from EX, but I rarely read any blogs.  I wasn't sure if this site was good for me or not.  Most everybody has been super, and then a few have been ridiculously mean, but I plan on ignoring them, I don't need more stress, but I do believe I and my quit could benefit, or even needs,  the supportive people here, so I'm giving it a whirl again.


I haven't tried to really quit (maybe a couple of hours) since I "left" the site.  But I think of it daily, which is really crazy and sad.  Addiction is crazy and sad.  I look forward to moving past the cigarettes.  I need to do this for myself and my health, for the people I love, for all the good things that freedom has to offer.  I am scared mainly because I think of quitting so much, but never do.  Because I have probably read most that has ever been written on the task, yet still smoke.  The only thing missing in my quit is ME actually quitting, so there is no "perfect" time, the  "perfect" time is and always has been NOW.  No more buying cigarettes, I don't bum cigarettes ever, when this pack is done, smoking for me is done; I have very few left.