Proud of a beginning attempt after 20 years of doing nothing about it!

Blog Post created by cgov2626 on Apr 17, 2020

 I am telling on myself today.  It is hard when the message is complete abstinence but I still need to give myself some praise.I started to attempt to do something about my smoking on 4/12/2020.  I cannot say honestly that I was smokefree, but I have cut down by half of my usual smoking.  This is more than I have ever done in 20 years of smoking.  I have lied to myself and pretended I would try.  Today, is the first day that I did not get up and smoke in the morning with coffee.  I am sitting here with my coat on to go smoke (I have 6 cigarettes left and I do not intend to buy more), the patch on, and instead today is the first day that I am writing to you instead of going to smoke.  Please be gentle as I am proud of myself for doing even this much!