Changing My Attitude

Blog Post created by cat52 on Feb 6, 2018

So far I feel like I have only been negative about my quit in that I have only focused on the hardships I have encountered over the past 2 weeks. Today I decided I need to try to develop a positive attitude and focus on the good things that have come out of quitting so far. 


1.The yellow nicotine stains are no longer on my right index and middle fingers.

2. I have saved approximately $70 on not buying cigarettes.

3. My car smells good.

4. I have made a couple of friends at work from other departments because now I am staying for lunch and socializing in the lunch room instead of leaving for lunch to suck down at least 2-3 cigs in 30 min.

5. I am drinking way less caffeine and much more water.

6. My blood pressure has already decreased significantly.

7. I lost 5 lbs. (I am not sure if that will stay though because food tastes really good right now!!!)

8. I am spending more time with my family instead of hiding out and smoking.

9. I am barely coughing anymore.

10. I am proud of myself instead of hating myself for smoking.


I would love to hear what positives others are experiencing!!!