Day 16

Blog Post created by carries on Nov 21, 2019

The last few days, I feel like I was in a funk... Slightly down and out, but today, I feel much better.  I do have to admit, I did think about smoking on those days, but I keep mentally talking myself out of it.   I also came to this site and read over things and that helped to.  One really good thing, is I started using magnesium spray on my legs before bed, and I have been sleeping great! 


My original quit day was May 1st, but in August I found out that I would be loosing my job and I decided to drink one night and of course picked up smoking again.   Management was able to slide me into a different position, but unfortunately that is only temporary...  So, i have been on the hunt for a new job.   I had an interview this morning and it went really good and I would love it.  Down side is, it would be a huge cut in pay(like $10,000 less a year), but great benefits.... 20 vacation days for life, my insurance would be 100% paid and 75% for family.   Should know by next week.


I would have been 203 days smoke free, kinda frustrating, but I never want that to happen again.  I need to like never drink again, that is definitely my biggest trigger.