First Day or second....

Blog Post created by carries on Nov 5, 2019

Well, yesterday was supposed to be my quit day..... I did really good until after dinner..... I had a really bad craving and ended up smoking 3.... 


Today is going ok... I didn't sleep all that great last night, so I'm tired and already cranky, but I refuse to give in!  I pray that I make it through the rest of the day.  My husband still smokes, which has always made it more difficult and very easily accessible..... So, being at home is where I really struggle.   We have never smoked in the house, which I think is one of my saving grace. 


I did quit back in May, but went out drinking in August and also found out that I was going to be loosing my job soon and started again.....  Also quit a few times in previous years with chantix.