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Hi!  I will be 68 years old this coming Monday, retired since 1998 because of my health problems, after some 18 years in the legal field as a secretary and paralegal. At first living without the daily stress of a demanding job, I felt relieved and grateful but soon became restless and bored so I started selling online end eventually after a period of years opened my own website store, now called Best Shoppe Til  You Drop.

Blessed with one son, I happily enjoy being grandma to his five children, (1 boy and 4 girls) ranging in age from 9 years old to 21 years of age.

I live with my adorable cat Minnie in a very nice senior building here in Waukegan, Illinois and I'm looking forward to being a successful Ex.


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A recent diagnosis of a heart problem, along with my other health problems, makes it absolutely necessary that I become a successful ex-smoker!




Waukegan, IL



Online selling, crocheting, online communications with family and friends



crocheting, typing and organization