Quit Buddies Musings

Blog Post created by c2q on Mar 27, 2017

There is nothing remarkable about today as far as I can see. 

It's Monday. It's sunny. The laundry is done, the kitchen is clean, the bills are paid, my tummy is full, I got a good night's sleep.


There is no milestone looming in my quit journey. So why do I miss my old quit buddies this morning?


I miss Ex_Nancy. I miss Julia_Amy. bobbymaynard.  marcie_free_since_4-4-11.


Maybe because we had a ball learning to be quit together. I look to the left and see each of your smiling faces. Quit Buddies for life. We kicked that nic though, didn't we?


Or maybe it is just dreams of summer on a warm Spring day.


Summertime ~ Janis Joplin


I love all my Quit Buddies, newbies and Elder and everyone inbetween. I just had to shout out to a few of my friends who aren't active here anymore. It really does get better and better, and you guys helped me get here.