Day 12....sort of

Blog Post created by bzycki01 on Aug 13, 2019

First things first... i have not had a cigarette since the evening of July 31st...hooray I think?  With that being said, over this weekend we had a block party in our neighborhood and I had about 4 beers and a cigar.  My goal was to avoid both of those things much longer.  The other issue I'm dealing with is the cravings are constant, even at this point.  I'm sure all of you go thru this, but does the desire to smoke remain with you the rest of your days if you stop completely?  Is this what a drug addict goes thru once they get clean?  I mean, I think I know what most of my triggers are and I've been battling thru them to this point; but there are other triggers coming up that I'm not sure if I can make it thru just because I've been at it so long....mainly that fact that I'm a Navy Reservist and have drill weekend coming up this weekend.  It's an easy place for me to smoke.  I've tried quitting before and just went with the notion that "well, I'll just smoke at drill and when I go away with the Navy for my annual training and not smoke the rest of the time". 

Physically I'm feeling better.  I've been on more walks with my daughter and my dog than I ever have before.  But here's the thing, constantly thinking about the effort of not smoking, or the act of smoking is exhausting!!