Day 15

Blog Post created by brittneyd.rice on Jan 24, 2020

I was parked outside of the gas station store for 15 minutes today. I desperately wanted to buy a pack; I didn't. I got into a pretty good argument with my husband today and he ended up going for a drive. As soon as he left, I did too... To the store! See, I didnt want to smoke. I know it will sound crazy but I was having all of these feelings and even though I knew smoking wouldnt do anything for me, it would be one less thing I was fighting inside of myself. I wanted to feel less pain inside. I cant really say what made me not do it, I just didn't. This is my final quit, I have no more excuses to tell my family or myself. I am done smoking. I have made it through 2 very stressful things, maybe the 3rd wont be as hard. I am just tired of feeling bad... Time to do things to bring a smile to my own face. Thanks to everyone who checked on me after yesterday, I'm still here and still quit.