Day 5

Blog Post created by brittneyd.rice on Jan 14, 2020

Today is much better than yesterday. Still a few times of skin crawling but much more spaced out. Overall I'm felling well. Now that there is more space between my cravings, I need to get back to real life. I'm still afraid to drive... Husband has been very accommodating. I want to go back to the gym and push these lungs a little. Oh something to note today, I wash my face everyday but this morning when I washed it, I smelled something unwelcome... Turns out my face wash stinks and ive been using it for years! Who knew!?!  I also wore gloves today outside which may not seem huge to anyone but its always been a hassle before taking them off to smoke or them smelling.


Side question... Has hwc been back on ex in the last few years? 


Tomorrow is day 6 yay!