Time for one of my “few” updates  

Blog Post created by brittann3 on Sep 7, 2019

Hello all! I know I know I do not come around often enough and stay involved. I am so busy w my ALMOST 2 year old daughter as well as participating as a moderator in a really busy infant reflux support group on Facebook. I was actually just on Facebook and saw my sister post that she was going to begin cold turkey quitting and was asking for prayers for enough will power. I had to tell her amongst all the “you can do it” comments that cold turkey and white knuckling is HARD (and she has 3 kids too?! No way I could’ve white knuckled) and that there is a better way. I sent her the link here and told her to read the “Easy Way...” book as well. I thought I’d come and find some good info for her as far as teaching about nicotine addiction as well as give an update and say hi to all those I know from my journey. It will be 3 years next month since I had my last cigarette. I was pulling into the dentist’s parking lot for my wisdom teeth surgery as I was smoking what I had already planned and intended to be my last cigarette. Doc had warned me to not smoke for at least a week to prevent dry socket and I was terrified of the prospect of getting dry socket. So I figured if I had to not smoke for a week I might as well just quit. I still cannot believe sometimes that I actually succeeded. I never thought it was something I would truly want to do much less something I thought I could do. I guess that is just part of nicotine’s tricky way of deceiving your brain to believe you can’t survive without it. 

So, anyways. All is well here. Looking to get back to work soon after almost 2 years home. Super anxious about all the changes that will entail and about leaving Ellory with a sitter. But I also know she NEEDS the socialization and other kids to play with. So anyways. Hope everyone here is doing well and smoke free. Much love to you all!