1.5 YEARS?!

Blog Post created by brittann3 on May 2, 2018

I don’t come by often but I wanted to drop in really quickly. I quit smoking and 2 mo later ended up pregnant and am so glad I quit first. It made staying smoke free after delivery so much easier.


My daughter, Ellory, is 7 months old and she is AMAZING!! I can’t believe how happy I am most days. Being able to enjoy her and not worry about smoking is the best feeling. Occasionally I’ll see someone drive by smoking and I think it would be nice to enjoy a cigarette BUT then I immediately remember that it wouldn’t be enjoyable and my daughter is always in the car and I wouldn’t want her around it. I honestly have no idea how my parents smoked around me when I was growing up or how I smoked around my nephews. Yuck! 


Anyways! Hope everyone is smoke free and happy!