Ellory is here

Blog Post created by brittann3 on Oct 11, 2017

Hey all! Sorry i haven't been too active as of late. I wanted to drop by really quickly while I was thinking about it and let you all know that my daughter, Ellory Courtney, was born 2 weeks ago today on September 27 at 1:50pm. She was 10 days late but came naturally on her own without needing to induce! Labor and delivery was normal and uneventful with no problems or issues. She weighed 8 pounds and 8 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. She has dark blue eyes and a head full of dark dark hair. She looks identical to her daddy. 

She's had to spend the past couple weeks in the NICU due to a medication I had to take throughout my pregnancy. She is ok and perfectly healthy. She just needed some medication to help her feel better and will come home once she's weaned off of the medication. 

She is a happy and smiley baby with lots of expressive features. She loves to be held and will sleep so peacefully. She has crooked pinkies just like her mommy and I can't believe I've gone my whole life without her.