Blog Post created by brittann3 on Jul 25, 2017

Hey all! It's been awhile since I've logged in so I hope all is going well with everyone and their quits. Mine is still going just fine. I was even in a situation this past weekend at my baby shower that brought back lots of memories of smoking and hanging out outside talking to my aunt and uncle and having a few drinks. Several smokers were there and I even found myself walking outside briefly a couple of times and smelling the smoke... I couldn't even imagine trying to be outside in this heat and smoking a cigarette! I was so grateful that is behind me!


I had my 4D ultrasound yesterday and got to see my baby girl! It really was the wildest thing. She has the prettiest mouth and even got a few images and video of her smacking and sucking on her lips. She was not a fan of being woken up from her nap and kept trying to turn her head into me and hide her face. She makes the same kinds of faces I do when I am not happy! We got to see her hands and feet and even a little video of her kicking herself in the face.

She is right on track size wise and is even measuring a few days ahead.


My dad said she looks like me when I was a baby. I only have 8 weeks left.

Hopefully I won't go too far past my due date because I am beyond ready to see and hold her and just be home with her. These last several months have gone by very quickly and I know she'll be here before I know it but still... I am ready.

{Now as far as having the house ready... not quite. I am beginning to want to nest and get everything arranged for her but we don't have all the furniture yet and my nesting is about organizing and since I don't have many organizing options I find myself starting a project and then shoving it all into the closet so I don't have to look at it.}