All is great!

Blog Post created by brittann3 on Jun 5, 2017

Hey all! I just wanted to update everyone since I don't get on as much as I once did earlier in my quit. I am almost 8 months quit and all the credit goes to this place and the people here! *thought I'd throw that out there for any newbies unsure if this is the place for them. I promise it will make ALL the difference!*

I am more than halfway through my surprise pregnancy at 25 weeks this week. Only 15 weeks to go. Still hard to believe how fast it's all gone by. We found out last month that little baby is a baby girl and I do believe we have settled on a first name. Ellory. I heard it on an audiobook and fell in love with it. I recently began feeling her move! I waited and waited and saw her moving on the ultrasound but didn't feel it until a couple weeks ago. She flips and rolls quite often and it really is the most amazing feeling. I do believe it's what I will miss most about being pregnant. She's not quite showing out for her daddy to feel her yet but I'm hoping that will come very soon. Aside from all the developmental milestones, I've just been reading and trying to learn as much as I can about labor and delivery and all my options there. It's such a strange feeling to be ready for baby girl to be here but not be ready for how she must arrive... there is a great deal of anxiety and fear that comes with that.

Hope all is well for everyone! Will update more later.