Triple Digit Update

Blog Post created by brittann3 on Jan 25, 2017

Hey all! Today is 100 days for me! How crazy is that?! They honestly flew by so fast and without much issue or struggle.


The only thing I've noticed in the past month or so is a very strange and unexpected, out of nowhere, smell of cigarette smoke. The first time I noticed it I was in my car slowing down for a red light with no other cars near me. I looked around for someone with a cigarette and saw no one. This happened maybe a handful of times within the last month and even once inside my house where no one ever smoked!! My boyfriend thought I was going insane!


Everything else is going really well. For those who caught my news the other day I am scheduled to see the doctor on the 7th and will hopefully have my first ultrasound! I can't wait to share that with family and friends. I am still waiting on my boyfriend to share the news with his family. Maybe then it will seem real enough for he and I to stop worrying and just be happy.

Thanks for all the support, encouragement, and congratulations on my 100 days today! I appreciate those who took the time even with all the changes happening in site today. JACKIE1-25-15 Jennifer-Quit-05-01-14 ShawnP

And to those still unsure about the new site and all the changes... .please keep trying!!! I'm super impressed with so much I am now able to do compared to how limited I was before! Thomas3.20.2010