The First of All My Smoke Free Years

Blog Post created by bookee6 on May 11, 2018

Good Morning everyone, Today I am sitting at Newark Airport waiting for my trip to Florida, Unfortunately it is business not for fun.  But as I sit here awaiting it is my 1st anniversary of being a non smoker.  I want to thank everyone on this site for the support throughout the year.  I cannot say I was on the site all the time but when I needed support I came in read and move forward.  It as not been easy.  It started off with so much anxiety of my health i have seen more doctors in the first 6 months of my quit that I have every seen in my live.  I am happy to report I am pretty damn health.  So for all is good.  The love and support I received form my family and friends get me going mostly my Son and my mother.  My poor mother I was at her house so much because I was so afraid of being home alone.  Not thinking I would smoke it was thinking I could have a heart attack and be alone.  Well I don’t know if it was just getting all my health test back clear, they hypnotist I saw to help with pain and anxiety or just allowing the nicotine to get totally out of my system.  My pulmonologist said to me when I told her what was going on.  The nicotine stays around for longer than most think she said by end of the year I will see things change and the anxiety Lessing. Is when the turnaround came and my aniexty mostly went away.  I still have small anxiety attacks but nothing like before. 

As I sit in the airport I am smiling because I wasn’t worried about how and where I was going to have my last cigarette before going through security or even if my flight is delayed.  I don’t really care .  I just want to get on the plane and get to where I am going because I am not a good flyer.  Not afraid just hate the whole process.  Ok a little claustrophobic and the idea of sitting next to someone in those small seats makes me dread flying.  There are days where I think wow it is cigarette time and I just laugh and move one.  They are less and less it is more when I do something that I used to do then have a cigarette

Life has been great since a year ago.  It has been very freeing.  Just not having to worry about where and when I can have a cigarette.  Now a days there are more and more no smoking signs, even outside.  Going places and not worry about if I can or cant smoke is awesome.

I could go on and on but I wanted to get this posted before it is my 2nd anniversary.  I wanted to post  yesterday but being on the plan and having to dive right into work once I got to my office I did not have time. 

Once again thank you all for you support.  Coming to this site was one of the best things I did a year ago.  The elders and everyone else has help me greatly.  Everyone enjoy you smoke free day!!