Heading to airport

Blog Post created by bookee6 on Jun 19, 2017

Hi everyone.  I am happy to say I made it through my first of many smoke free vacation.  It was not as bad as I thought it  would be. Had one really bad day cried for an hour or so but honestly it was not about smoking. I would have cravings in the odds places or times.  Like blow drying my hair.  I just laughed and shrugged it off.  I think the hardest ones to deal with were when I was trying to break the old me.  Like having one when I would get out of the pool I always had one as soon as I got out of the pool.   It was really nice to sleep in and not rush down to get a cup of coffee and then out side for a smoke.  I really did relax this time.  When that wave came over me.  I took a bunch of deep breaths and some water until it went back out to sea.  The smell of smoke in the casino was very hard.  I took the advise of some EX friends and used Vick's rub it help. 


This was the first time I did not panic when we got to the Newark Airport trying to find a place to smoke and what would happen if the flight was delayed.  Even got to the airport early on the way home and didn't even think of having a cigarette. 


I honestly can't believe it considering when in Vegas I smoke much more then normal.  I didn't even gamble as much as I used to.  Not sure why but did not interest me.  I think I gambled more to smoke more.  Who knows and cares I made the right choices and did not quit my quit. 


My boy friend was even amazed.  He would only smoke when around me so he has quit also.  he even had to relearn some habits.  Every time I would go into my pocket book he thought I was getting out a cigarette.  Boy was he fooled


Well enough bragging.  I hope everyone is doing well and feel good.  Thank you for the continued support and kind words


Have a great safe day

Robin Ann 41 DOF