Tough but worth it

Blog Post created by bookee6 on Jun 12, 2017

I made it through my first day smoke free on my vacation in Las Vegas the only place where smoking stull runs rampant.  I know why go to Vegas when you are only 33 DOF. Well this trip was scheduled and booked before I made my decision to have my last smoke. I even try to find ways out of the trip but decided I did need to rest and relax. The days are good. We hang out by the pool in a cabana. My skin cannot take the sun.  So I don't even think of smoking.  My tough times are in the casino.  Yes I like my slots.  But not enough to screw my quit. My BFF texted me and asked how I was dealing with the smell. Honestly sometimes I like the smell mostly I wanted to throw up. So I would just remove myself from the area.   Since I am not a big drinker. I don't worry about the alcohol affected my quit.  My other half has been supportive.   But there a only so much he can do.  I will work hard to keep my quit save. No matter what I am too proud of myself for the 33 days and smoking really is not worth it.  It sucks actually


thank you for listen. Have a great safe day