WOW All the same feelings

Blog Post created by bookee6 on Jun 8, 2017

Good Afternoon everyone;  I have been on this site for 29 days.  As I read blogs and responses I am amazed that I can relate to so many quitters.  I will read a paragraph on how someone feels and I am like OMG thank GOD I am not alone

I feel the same way.  Or when deciding to quite I remember saying it has to be all or nothing no patch no gum or no vape.  NO nicotine at all.  I just read on a blog that this is actually how someone else felt.


I times I think I am going off the deep end then I start reading and I am pulled back by what everyone is saying.  I have notice that my worse days are on the week day anniversary of my quite, Wednesdays, actually my son notice it.  He was right on the 3 Wednesday since my quit I have been crazy.  My emotion all over the board.  Then this morning I read a blog and this person sorry forgot who it was.  state how her emotion were all over the place. 


Sorry just wanted to get this off my chest as I feel this is the only place anyone reading would understand.  I am trying hard to work through the rollercoaster and I see the light at the end of the ride (emotions)  it will just take time.


Thankfully I do also have a great MOM, SONS and BOYFRIEND who are really loving caring and willing to help me through this.  With all of you and them I KNOW I will succeed


thank you for just letting me have a place to vent and to talk no responses required.


love to all