At the vets

Blog Post created by bonnie.s on Jul 29, 2020

Today, my doggie had a curbside vet appointment.  Basically what that means is I pull into a numbered spot and call inside to let them know we've arrived and they come out for my pet.  Isn't COVID fun!  I ended up being there, in my parking spot waiting, for over 2 hours.  My guy needed shots to be boarded in a few days while I go on vacation. I started looking around at all the cars, everybody was smoking :O for two hours I sat and watched car after car pull in and out and they all had cigarettes in hand.  Many were so young.  I was saddened to see so many young adults still taking up this nasty habit    I also took note to an older lady next to me crushing one out and lighting another several times before her dog was returned.  I remember doing that.  It felt so good to be the only non smoker in the lot.  #FREEDOM