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Blog Post created by bonnie.s on Feb 21, 2017

Hello everyone,


Coming up on 24 days at 7:25 pm.   Yes .   I've been focused on an all around healthy lifestyle change for both myself and husband.  He is a truck driver.  Out for weeks at a time.  Stuck in a truck 24/7 most of the time and a former heavy smoker, he quit the day after me!  We have both quit plenty in the past, a week here and there.  What made me so serious about changing this time was waking up in the middle of the night about a month ago and hearing him wheeze.  It was the scariest thing I think I've ever heard.  A real wake up call.   Think about it.  Between smoking, greasy truck stop food, lack of exercise how long before disaster strikes?  Myself as well.  I went from a very active lifestyle to working from home where I sit at my home office desk most of the day without a lot of physical activity.  Smoking as much and often as I wanted.  I was my own boss now, nobody to answer to.  Yep, I could light up anytime I wanted, and I wanted a lot!  Didn't take long to notice the negative changes.  I had no energy, I was grouchy, nothing really made me happy outside of my pall malls. I stopped doing the things I once enjoyed because smoking wasn't welcome. You know in the back of your mind the slave you have become to this sickness yet you don't care because you enjoy it so much.  Yes I did!  I enjoyed smoking!  I would lie if I said otherwise.  If it were not killing me I would have never stopped.  Some might not agree but that's how I feel about it.  That's how I felt about it!   I think now I'm slowing learning to enjoy life without pall mall.  Smoothies are becoming my new friend.  I've really enjoyed researching healthy lifestyle tips lately.  I need to find some better recipes though because this smoothie I'm sipping now as I type is hard to swallow.  Yes,  I think smoothie is a much better friend than pall mall ever was.