Threats to my QUIT

Blog Post created by bobgray9 on May 29, 2018

Our 9 year old kitty, Toki, was viciously attacked by a pit bull 10 days ago. He tore up a ligament in his rear leg and after over 900 bucks in vet bills he seemed to be recovering well, but the last 24 hours he’s in so much pain he’s just shaking and crying. I have zero tolerance for my animal’s pain and feel on the edge BIG time. I’ve done well with my quit up until yesterday morning when he clearly wasn’t recovering properly. I’m feeling a bit hysterical and out of control since there is nothing I can do to relieve his suffering. I’m still quit and strongly believe in NOPE, but how much stress and worry can one quit take? What’s worse, almost exactly a year ago I had to put my much loved orange tabby down because of bladder cancer. Like Toki, he was in so much pain and there was nothing to do but to let him go - I’m having an awful “deja vu” of those sad times, but I am hanging on - but for how long? I’m taking him into the vets this morning at 0830 to find out what went wrong with his surgical repair.