2 weeks until the big Q

Blog Post created by BlazinReapr666 on Nov 29, 2020

Hey everyone. I’m happy to say that I’m finally taking the steps to quit vaping and smoking cigarettes. This has been a long time coming and I’m proud to be able to admit that I am an addict. Its something I’ve always known and tried to fight but just couldn’t. I have to say that I’m scared. What’s set me on this path is a deep spiritual need for change. I can’t keep doing this. Otherwise I’ll smoke myself to death. I have a heavy dependency on nicotine and this is the first time I’m reaching out to quit. What scares me is that explosive tendencies and agitation throughout the days of trying to quit. Already feeling like I need to smoke even if I already have just because I’m stressed out. It’s safe to say that no edge gets taken away. I simply sustain myself. Or get temporary nicotine poisoning. I’m quoting on December 13th I was going to do the 5th because I need to stop now but 13 is my lucky number and it just so happens that this program recommended 2 weeks preparation which makes my quit date fall right on the 13th.this is my time to quit. Ive never cried such a light and happy cry until today. Typing this up even brings tears to my eyes. I’ve already been going through a lot and being sick all the time only makes things harder. So this is necessary. The best part of today is that I took one huge weight off my back. Yes I have a problem. And that’s okay because I’m out to beat it. The worst part of quitting anything is the fact that you have to our smart your smartest self. I know I can do it I just hope my family can bare with me long enough to get over the worst part... Withdrawing... I plan to try to write one of these everyday for myself and anyone who thinks they can’t quit. We can we just have to want  enough. I want to be able to come back to this first blog in 10 years from now just to read through how hard of a war I fought. It’s war because I’ll have to battle each and everyday. In war you don’t win every battle but it’s how you take that defeat that makes your success worth it. I look forward to making new friends and overall just taking this journey with all of you other brave souls trying to better yourselves. I look forward to laughing and crying with all who are touched by this message.  I know I’ll be able to do this as long as I make sure to write. So please help inspire me by telling me your stories. Why’d you start? What made you need to quit? And in time as I write these blogs you’ll get to know me and my story. Let’s keep each other inspired to stay true to our goals even in our darkest minutes of of the hour and the days. I’m at that point where I’ll be taking my fight by the seconds, up until the minutes can pass and eventually hours. Then days, weeks, months and then from that point years. So if I’m ready to do this anyone of your are too. Have some faith in you and love yourself a little. It wasn’t until I hated myself the most in these recent times that I knew I could quit. 
so I hope I can inspire those to have a different tomorrow. I’ll have my own tomorrow soon.