Blog Post created by blacknmild on Jul 17, 2019

Today was the first day of my quitting journey. I got up, saw an old childhood friend I hadn't seen in 11 years, and went out for shawarma and ice cream. She's so innocent, she referred to Juul and vaping as "smoking an e-cigarette" (for the older members, this will instantly clue someone in Gen Z in to the fact that the speaker has never tried vaping before or been exposed to it in any meaningful capacity) and she really helped me realize the fact that there is a totally smoke and vape-free world. When I got home, I played some Watch_Dogs 2 on my PC and got nicotine cravings that were so bad I considered running down to the local smoke shop to buy a disposable vape (the one nearby sells 50mg/ml salt disposable vapes for $10 at 1.2ml.) I struggled with this for about an hour, and finally decided to break out my stash of Nicorette that I was prescribed a few months ago when I had flirted with the idea of quitting.


That helped. Fast forward till now, a few animated comedy episodes later, dealing with my annoying dog and FaceTiming the girl I'm currently seeing, and I think I'm good. Three cheers for NRTs.