Brief History of my smoking!

Blog Post created by bkcinc on Apr 3, 2019

On Jan 3, 2011, I quit smoking.  I was close to a pack a day then and was a pack a day if I was drinking beer.  On Sept 27, 2014 my wife and I attended Oracle OpenWorld in San Fran.  The place we stayed at had a Free Happy Hour!  I talked my wife into running up the street and got us a pack of smokes.  Finished these and returned for more by the time I got back home I was smoking again.  After more than 3 years quit I didn't think I'd start again, but I did.  On April 1, 2019, I quit.  On "NO DATE" am I going to try smoking again.  Only 3 Days and going crazy (at times).   Glad I found this Community.