My first day quit

Blog Post created by beccalynn35 on Jun 30, 2017

Wednesday was my first day quit, and that morning I got a call from my mom that my grandma was dying and she was wanting to say goodbye. 

I could have used this as an excuse to smoke, but instead I said to myself " now I won't have to leave her to go smoke, and come back smelling of smoke".

I spent all morning and most of the afternoon with her, and she ended up dying shortly before 8 pm on Wednesday.

Im glad i got those hours with her, and reminisce about old days. 

She was a strong believer in God, and she kept saying stuff like "its itchy on the way to heaven" and "be careful its a large step here on the stairway to heaven".

 I told her i quit that day, and she was so proud of me. She told me of her quit story. So i have to stay wuit this time. No more romanticizing those damn cigarettes.

I want to thank you all for being here.