I keep smoking after 1 week quit

Blog Post created by beccalynn35 on Apr 9, 2017

all day today... smoking. I just woke up and said screw it. Now I'm mad and am planning again to quit tomorrow. But what will stop me from doing this again? and again and again? 

I have quit twice before for a year. So I know I can do it. I just some how talk myself into smoking again. All I want is to get to three weeks. I remember in the past that's when I felt like I could beat any craving that came my way. 

Reading on here and else where helps, but I think at one week I am tired of reading, tired... tired of doing things to keep busy. So I do what I did today. Stop, rest, and smoke. Its like I cant rest unless I smoke. 

I've never felt like such a failure. There is so many people on here that is so supportive and encouraging,I feel like I failed them (Greg is one of them). So I decide I will do it without you. But honestly I'm scared to even try. I need you guys. 

Thinking of reading the easy way to quit smoking again.