Today has been blah

Blog Post created by beccalynn35 on Apr 5, 2017

Today i am on day 6. Days 4 and 5 were fairly easy, so i knew a day like today would be coming soon. I was prepared this time. 

All day, I've been having these craves or urges to smoke. I'd get through one, then what seems like 10 minutes later another one would hit. 

So I pulled out my phone and read here and other places about smoking and other people's experience. I also would suck and chew on a honey stick ( my salvation). 

I thought a couple times to go to gas station and buy a pack of smokes, and just start over tomorrow, but i know how that turns out, and i don't want to continue that cycle. 

So here I am, happy I haven't smoked through the hardest day ( this quit), and can go to bed a winner. I still have a couple hours before bed but i think I'm safe from smoking tonight!

Thanks everyone for being here!!