Day 4 almost over

Blog Post created by beccalynn35 on Apr 3, 2017

Today was surprisingly easy compared to yesterday. I did have some craves, but they were fleeting and not too strong. I feel very lucky to have such a day so early on in my quit. 

Now I just have to remember this day in the future when I have more difficult cravings. Since I tgink when I have bad days, that means everyday is going to be just as hard in the future. 

This is why I'm blogging today... to remind myself what a good day feels like. I felt free. I even watched my friend smoke and all I did is feel bad for her. 

Other than that... I must say I ate horribly today. I think I ate 6 donuts today and a bag of chips. 

Tomorrow I'll make more of an effort to eat my carrots and grapes. 

Thanks all for your loving support.