This is it!

Blog Post created by beccalynn35 on Apr 1, 2017

I wasn't going to blog any more until I had 2 weeks quit, but i decided I needed to document my journey. This is part of it. Today is day 2... again. I struggled a lot today, but i was expecting to. I shouldn't say struggled, but rode... I didn't fight the cravings but let them happen and breathed through them or got myself busy. 

As I have said before, evenings are the hardest time for me.

What is different this time, for me to feel more confident in my quit so early on you may ask? Well...

1 is I put on Facebook for my entire family and friends to see that I am quitting but having a hard time. I got a lot of positive feedback from those who have quit, and those who want too. It was good to out myself. 

2 is something Greg here wrote. He wrote about would he rather go through a craving or go to the dentist and have a shot in the gums. He said he would rather go through the craving of course, so would I. He also wrote that the hard part of cravings is knowing he will have to go through them again tomorrow. This is why I end up caving. I think my evening craves are so bad, that I could get through it, bit god forbid it continue tomorrow, and the next day, and the next! "I can't do it" i say and then go biy a pack and smoke.

Well now that I know this I'm better prepared. I know I can get though tonight's, and if the come tomorrow, I will deal with it then. I don't need to think of tomorrow, just today. And if I continue to do this, one evening I won't even think of cigarettes. 

I know for a fact this to be true because so many people have told me so, and i once quit for a year. Most of that year I felt free from cravings. So i know what it can feel like when I get through these first few weeks and then months. 

Thank you all for your support. I get on here and read a lot. It helps tremendously