Almost biffed it

Blog Post created by beccalynn35 on Mar 27, 2017

Today was a hard day. I had to clean a house, then train to go to people's houses to walk dogs and give medications, then go to the boarding house where senior/ small dogs stay when their families are on vacation. It was busy and great distraction from smoking, since the new job has no association with smoking. 

I did have a couple strong urges though. They happened at the house I clean. The lady there is a friend of mine who smokes. I often go out and smoke with her. Well I told her I quit again and she said " are you sure you are ready? You are struggling with so much right now!"

Well, I don't remember what I said, bit what she said had a big impact on me all day. 

Everytime a crave hit after that I thought I could beat this one buto I wasn't sure how long I can go on. 

Then I got home. Big crave hit. I ate dinner and some ice cream... another big crave. Then I thought my friend was right, so I ripped off my patch and started to go get some cigs. 

Then I stopped and asked myself "why are you listening to her, yes this is hard sometimes but I will be free if I don't smoke!"

So then I took a shower and taped my patch back on. 

So here I am posting. I'm still craving, so I'm going to read some articles people had suggested on one of my previous blogs.