Day one almost over

Blog Post created by beccalynn35 on Mar 26, 2017

I started a new job today, babysitting doggies. It was great! My anxiety level has been low all day, which is a big change. 

I did have some hard moments with craving cigs, but got through it. Then I got home and wow, was the cravings strong. 

So I got on here and reread all the comments from my blog yesterday plus some of the suggested readings that some of you offered to me. This helped. 

It's amazing that in a middle of a crave how much I forget... like breathing!

Anyway... my dog is begging for her late walk walk, so I best get to it before I fall asleep. 


Oh... I may post something every night just because nights are the hardest for me and it might keep my mind focused on my healthy quit. So I hope I don't annoy you