I have had 2 panic attacks today

Blog Post created by beccalynn35 on Mar 13, 2017

I don't know if any of you have had panic attacks before, but they are not fun. It feels like I'm going to die, or if I don't then I want to die at that moment. Physical symptoms for me is i cant breathe, my chest tightens, I shake and feel like I'm trapped. If im driving I want to speed and crash into a median or wall, and if I'm at home I want to run but can't get my feet under me. 

I have learned some breathing techniques that help but thinking straight in the middle of one is not in my Forte. 

Anyway... the last time I had a panic attack I smoked. I ended up smoking for 24 hours before I quit again. 

Today, I did not smoke! The 1st panic attack I thought of it though. I was driving and ended up pulling over in front of a 7-11. So I really had to think about why I didn't want to smoke. It wasn't easy. Right after a panic attack I'm really anxious still, so it took some time before it was safe for me to drive, so I kept looking at that 7-11 and this thought a cig would make me all better. Then I thought " no it won't Becky, it will just intesify the anxiety, and then tonight you will feel like ****". I knew this was one of my triggers and I needed to get through it. 

I finally was able to drive away. 

My 2nd panic attack I thought of a cig, but it went away pretty fast. I thought about getting something to eat since I hadn't eaten yet. 

Sorry so long, I am just so proud of myself. I've never been able to win over smoking after a panic attack. I have finally beaten my worst triggers I think. 

Thanks for all your support.