I am Wonder Woman!

Blog Post created by beccalynn35 on Mar 4, 2017

Today we took my father-in-law across town on some errands. 3.5 hours in the car, and more hours here and there. I didn't need a cig once! Normally the man drives me a bit crazy ( but I love him to pieces), with his constant worrying and fretting. I often would need an excuse to leave him, to go smoke a cigarette. I'd make up something. "Oh I have to go to the bathroom"  or " i forgot something in the car". 

Just to get a cigarette. I'd be stressed out in the car thinking, "no more stops, we have to get him home so I can smoke!". 

But not today... today was all smooth seas. A couple of waves here and there, when he started worrying about something I found silly, and when we passed a guy on a motorcycle smoking (still smells good to me), but I made it without getting grumpy or smoking. 

Now I feel like wonder woman. I can do anything!