Still not giving in

Blog Post created by bbqphil on May 11, 2020

Going on 6 weeks without a cigarette. Getting through it but getting annoyed. Will my lungs heal? I've done the walking to get myself back in shape again but still finding myself a bit "winded" . I live on the third floor which is good exercise but getting winded is really bothering me. Plus I have been experiencing being more tired than usual. I have made some changes to my lifestyle due to my  recent health issues...Is my body trying re-adjust due to the fact that I have quit smoking after 38 years? There are times that I am feeling more anxious than usual...I am a chef which makes this more rough on me with the cessation of smoking plus the life obstacles that are being tossed my way...AND, I have not given into the calling of the nicotine lust...Sorry for the ranting venting, looking for a listener as this is still new to me... But my question is this- will the shorten of breath ( being winded) go away?