Blog Post created by bacardigirl on Feb 15, 2018

Thank you all who congratulated me on my 500 days! Wow, what a ride it has been! While it has not been an easy path, it was a much needed path that my husband and I needed to take. It’s always easier (I think) when you quit with a friend. Between the both of us quitting, we have saved over $6000 and not smoked over 18,000 cigarettes! Quite impressive!  We are starting to work out more and we are seeing improvements in our waistline too (LOL).  At first I wasn’t sure we would be able to stick to an exercise routine, but we are making each other accountable for following through with it, much like we did when we quit smoking, so we are on our way to making this our new habit.  Dare I say how proud I am of us!


I cannot stress enough how much the EX community has made a difference in my quit. Not only did I have my husband to lean on, I had my new friends here. It wasn’t always easy with Steve because he was going through his own withdrawal/addiction too. EX has made me much more aware of the addiction and it has been the key to our success.


Newbies, don’t give up on your quit, don’t give up on EX and don’t give up on yourself. Quitting is doable (this, from a 30 year smoker)! It is the only way to break the chain and truly be free.  Stay close to this site, make new friends, read the blogs and post your own blogs (this group is amazing in their support!).

Once again, thank you everyone for your support and here’s to the next 500 days!