Still smoke free - whooo hoo!!

Blog Post created by bacardigirl on Apr 13, 2017

So close to day 200 and still rolling without any cigarettes. Happy to say my hubby has remained true to his quit as well! According to my QuitIt! app, together we have saved almost $2500 and saved ourselves from over 7000 cigarettes. That's impressive! I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, however, money was my biggest motivation to quit. I am 48 and have not yet experienced any lasting health problems (that I know of) so health was part of the reason I quit, but it was mostly financial. On our one year anniversary of quitting, we will have saved almost $5000. How can I dispute that?

So glad we quit when we did. We decided that the first 6 months was to focus on our quit, and now it's time to focus on getting rid of the weight we put on from quitting. IF there was EVER a reason to not go back to smoking, it would now be because I don't want to lose this weight all over again. Geez, how stupid was I to start back up again a few years ago? Now that I am more educated on this awful addiction, I know I won't make that same mistake again. So, we joined Planet Fitness and started to get our dogs out on daily walks now that the snow and ice are gone. Hoping to shed this 13 pounds by end of summer.

My biggest support comes from this site. I want each of you to know what a blessing it was the day I signed up for this. After my first blog, I had some very wise people come and show me the way and what a difference it has made! These past 6+ months have been a journey in itself and I have made it thru some very hard times, including the death of my father, and remained smoke free. I wish every newbie the very best of luck and I wish to thank every elder that has guided me so far. I know that this is my forever quit!