Day 160

Blog Post created by bacardigirl on Mar 10, 2017

I am reading a lot of posts from newbies out there who are struggling and I'm truly sorry to hear that. I hope this post helps...

When I quit, back on 10/1/16, I embraced it. It wasn't easy but it has been worth the fight. I had some very good days and some bad days, however, I didn't quit on my quit because I did not want nicotine to have that power over me. Seriously, sometimes I had to think 'me or cigarettes?...what's more important?' I chose me! After all, I am the one who needs to live my life, I certainly don't need cigarettes ruling who I see, what I do, where I go... Really...a $7 pack of cigarettes did all that?? It sure did and I'M DONE!

For all you newbies out there, you need to know that things will get easier. I truly believe that attitude is a major component in quitting. The first few weeks are tough, no doubt about it, but it will get better. You will have the days where you think you have this licked because you had no cravings and then you will have those days that you could use as an excuse to start up again. I've had my share. Just remember, there is no excuse to start again. I am coming off of one of the most stressful  weeks in my life and decided not to use it as an excuse to light up. I have come too far in my quit to allow any excuse to take me back to Day 1. There is a quote I read on this site a while back and it goes like this:


I'd rather be a non-smoker who thinks about smoking once in awhile, than a smoker who's always thinking about quitting ~ Anonymous


Think about it...