N.O.P.E. - So True!

Blog Post created by bacardigirl on Feb 7, 2017

Tomorrow marks day 130 for me and I am so pleased that I made it this far. I can't say that I haven't made it this far before, but I know where I took a left turn last time. The whole N.O.P.E. acronym really says it all. In the past, I felt I could have that one puff and be OK, after all, I haven't smoked in a year an a half, why not? Can it really have that much power over me?  Yup, sure did. Within a week, I was buying my own pack and smoking again.  Newbies, trust the EX Community that when they say NOT ONE PUFF EVER (NOPE), they mean it. It is a game changer for sure.

My husband is not on this site, however, he has been true to his quit since Oct 1st as well. He constantly tells me 'I think I can have one puff and I won't go back to smoking', I asked him if he thought a heroin addict could have just a little heroin and be OK (I mean, is he really serious???) ...He also knows that one puff is what broke my quit in the past...twice...I really hope he never feels compelled to test that theory, we are both  really doing so well on our quits and it would break my heart (and maybe a couple of his fingers) if he did!

As always, thank you Ex Community for having my back! As you know I don't blog much, but I really enjoy reading others blogs and conversations. I still connect to the site daily, it's my new 'thing'