Day 2 without lighting up

Blog Post created by babymonster on Apr 2, 2019

Hi, it so motivated to read all the post here and realized that I am not the only one who feels the same about / during quitting... I have been smoking for almost 20 over years .. and finally bidded goodbye on 31st March @ 2350am ( last stick ) 


Anyway, this is my second tried and first quit was almost more than 5 years ago for almost 9 months and light up again !!  And end up smoking even more... 


I must say that this time around is not as bad as the first time, perhaps I had experienced what is it like when the craving kicks in.. And mentally prepared is very important not the WILL power..  currenlly using nicotine gum to help.. surprisingly i only need 3 piece a day.. so will try to get this gum off once i feel better.. 


I had also at least 6 friends who were a heavy smoker and quitted... I was envious of them cos they are leading a healthier life where I smoke my life away... 


So i am determine this time and hope the rest will succeed too.. cheers