What a Diff'rence a Month makes...

Blog Post created by babs77 on Jul 22, 2008

Wow. One month. Can't believe it's here already. Looking back, the journey to get where I am today didn't seem so bad. Of course (and as I mentioned in an earlier post) I said the same thing the day after 16+ hours of active labor! How quickly our mind sometimes blots out the pain, eh? LOL!!!


I have tried quitting several times in the past. Once or twice for a year or better. But none ever "took". This time is different. I've learned that smoking just one cigarette -- correction, just one puff -- is just not an option in my life ever, ever again. Another difference was joining Become An Ex. This website and all the awesome members here have been such a positive influence in this, my most recent (and FINAL) quit. Seeing so many others going through the same thing as me, the same thing as you, makes it easier to endure and to give it your all. My first day here I posted an introduction and over the next several days, the encouragements, the advice, the "you can do it" comments I received really did make a difference. It made my resolve to win this quit that much stronger. There are so many people here who care, so many who want to see me succeed, who want to see us ALL succeed.


Someone recently commented on the advice they saw over and over again about "keep yourself busy" when they thought their days couldn't get any busier. Only to find out, after quitting, all the extra time they now had! It's amazing how much "time" smoking can take up. And not just the actual time for that smoke but all the other stuff that goes with it -- "okay now, where'd I put my smokes?", "Wow, look how low I'm getting, better get to the store soon." "Hold on a minute, let me go grab my smokes." "Shoot, where'd I put my lighter?" 'Okay, just as soon as I'm done with this cigarette." When you think about it, it looks like nearly our entire lives evolved around those stupid things!


I have so much more control over my time. So much more choices, so much more freedom. I no longer need to organize an event around my smoking -- don't need to count how many more cigs I've got left to plan that next trip to the store -- no need to waste time getting nothing else accomplished while I "relax and have a cigarette" -- no longer need to run around looking for my cigarettes as I'm trying to get out the door on time -- don't have to say "I'll be ready to go just as soon as I finish my cigarette" (Gawds, how much my family probably hated hearing that one!). It really is an eye opener when you look back and see that your life itself was "put on hold" while you had that smoke, Those stupid things have SUCH a control over our lives!


I would have never thought that just a few weeks into my quit, I'd be sitting here giving other people advice. But this site encourages that. It encourages us all to help each other. It's what has made a difference for me and will make a difference for so many others. The best decision I made early in this quit was to join this community. I probably wouldn't have made it where I am today if it weren't for the good hearted people here.


I am very grateful for this awesome website and all the members here. For your support, your encouragement, your advice, your wisdom, your cheers and your friendship. And a special thank you to the long term-ers here who stick around to help guide us down our path. You are my heroes.


I feel strong, I feel confident, I feel victorious. This one is it. I'm certain of it. I'm free from this nasty habit. Finally free! And, as of today, I am no longer "quitting smoking." I AM a non-smoker.


Today is one month. Tomorrow is eternity.