For those thinking you will always crave a smoke when feeling at your worst....

Blog Post created by avian3 on Jul 15, 2019

.......it's not true!  I had many of life's problems thrown at me the first few months quit, as most of us did. I got through them successfully. Early this year after 8 months I was about to have minor shoulder surgery and having anxiety and great pain. At the same time I was dealing with what amounted to be a very stressful situation. The two things happening at once sent me over the edge. After this situation finally ended, It was such a relief yet I was still angry as hell. Once that anger wore off, I felt and still feel a lot of hurt.  Thank God I have a friend here and a few from another forum that have been so understanding and helpful. Not ONCE the thought of smoking entered my mind.

I guess I mainly just needed to rant, but most importantly let everyone know that no matter how hurt or stressed you are over ANY problem, eventually you too will not think of smoking.