Truth is stranger than fiction!

Blog Post created by autumnpepper on Nov 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving! I have lots of stuff to be thankful for. Mostly this year I'm thankful for God's divine intervention in my son's and my grandchildren's life.  


If you've been reading my blogs you know that my youngest son is really having domestic problems with his girlfriend (the mother of his youngest son Ryan).  She has untreated mental problems, and drug problems.  Anyway to make a long story less long it took him months to separate from her, A because she wouldn't leave, B because she had no place to go, C because he still cares about her, D because she is Ryan's mother.


She came back around, I believe, because she knew he filed for full custody of Ryan, (which means she will have to pay child support) and the court date was just s few days away. So he was going to take her back (I couldn't believe this!).


A few weeks prior, my son was talking to his ex wife about both of their drug addicted, abusive, relationships they have found themselves in.  She told him she wanted to leave her husband and had no where to go. My son offered to let her stay with him.  Then her didn't hear anything about her leaving for a while.


He had just allowed his ex girlfriend to stay with him again. I was devastated that he would take her back.  


The next day I got a phone call from his ex wife saying she left her husband and was planning to move in with my son.  She was calling my son and couldn't get a hold of him. I told her the situation and that I would call my son.


I said a prayer and made the call.  I told him he needed to think about his kids and put them first. He and his ex wife have been sharing  their sons for three years. They would exchange every two weeks. 


He called his ex wife and told her she could come the next day.  Then he gave the girlfriend the boot.  He had to give her a car to leave in but he got her out!  


I tell you truth is stranger than fiction!  And the Lord works in his time!  So God saved the day!  The girlfriend is gone!  My son made the court date, of course the mom didn't,  and thank you Lord, the ex wife is not only staying with my son, they are actually going to try to start again.


I made it through all of this stressful family stuff and DIDN'T LOSE MY QUIT!


Thank you for reading

Autumn 35 DOF