Our Big Boy!

Blog Post created by autumnpepper on Nov 7, 2018

My grandson Ryan had been showing some autistic tendencies. But they are not the symptoms mostly described.  He makes good eye contact and is very affectionate.  He has been preoccupied by things that spin, the fans and wheels on toys.  He usually doesn't play with a toy the way it is intended.  He only plays with one thing on the toy like the wheel or anything that opens and closes.  He loves to open and shut doors,and cabinets, which drives hubby crazy cause this is a new house!  He sometimes walks  backwards, or shut his eyes and walk, which is dangerous.  Lately he's been spinning himself around and getting dizzy, which is also dangerous.  He knows some words but he will only use them a short time and then not say them anymore.   He says da da da, yes yes yes, or na na.  He's only 18 months and I hear if you have them tested early they can start helping him sooner.  


He is as sweet as he can be!  He's already been through a lot with his mom having some mental issues and doing drugs (probably while she was pregnant).  She had him living in her car for at least a week, possibly two.  Now she says she wants to sign her legal rights away so she doesn't have to pay child support.  My son has his hands full.  I'm trying to help him as much as I can.


So I have a big reason to not smoke.  I need to be here to help.  


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Autumn 20 DOF