I love to help!

Blog Post created by autumnpepper on Oct 22, 2018

So I was riding to town with hubby when I noticed a Marboro cigarette sign advertising a carton for only $65!  When I started smoking a carton was $5!  It's hard to even imagine how much money I've wasted all these years.  I read somewhere on here that it would have been better to throw the money in the trash.  That's the truth!  Cause not only did I waste all that money but I caused damage to my body as well.  

I'm on day 5.  I'm doing ok.  Oh, I've had few cravings but no real withdrawal. 

I just want to again thank all the people connected to this site.  All of the ex community is awesome!  Even the people who work extremely hard on their quit and go back to square one.  We learn from you. I enjoy helping people.  I like to volunteer at nursing homes and with the Alzheimer's association.  But now I need to stay home and babysit my grandson Ryan.  He is the sweetest big boy there is.  He's 17 months old and is as big as a 3yr old.  He's been abandoned by his Mom.  She had two other children by previous relationships.  She has never had custody of any of them.  Anyway, I digress.  When I realized how helpful the elders are here, and what a commitment it is to come back, and keep coming back.  My thought was, I'm going to do that.  I'm going to quit and stay quit.  I'm going to volunteer here!  I have realized this about myself I will do more to help others than I will do for me.  I know my quit is for ME.  But knowing I can succeeded and then help someone else is just the motivation I need.

Autumn 5 DOF