Out of the mouths of babes!

Blog Post created by autumnpepper on Oct 21, 2018

So, I'm sitting in Walmart parking lot with Ryan, waiting for the older boys to buy some video game or whatever.  This is when I would normally be smoking in the car. But I'm NOT smoking!  I'm blogging instead!

I have the boys every Saturday night and take them to church with me on Sundays.  


I had to save this and come back to it.  We came back to Grandma's for spaghetti.  I love all the time I spend with my grandsons.  I'm so glad I won't be smoking anymore.  That will give me a lot more time with them.  I have already been talking to them about not ever smoking.  They are so use to me saying I'm quiting and not quiting.  They try and help me Trae (Stephen 13yrs old), would say "Grandma you should pray every time you think about smoking" I've done that!  But I was never committed to my quit like I am this time. I know with the Lord's strength and my commitment I WILL do this!  I plan on being here to watch these guys grow up and give me great grandbabies.