Autumn's day 2

Blog Post created by autumnpepper on Oct 19, 2018

So this is day two.  I'm sitting in a car with my grandson Ryan screaming in the backseat while waiting for his dad to get his business done at the Attorney Generals office, child support division.  My grandsons mother has mental problems and is currently doing drugs, and has left her son with his daddy.  So, he already has his other two who are 11 and 13years old, two weeks every month.  They are from his ex-wife. Ryan is 17 months old and his daddy is doing his best.  Since the baby's momma left, my son got laid off.  So now he is trying to find a new job.  Now his car broke down.  If it's not one thing it's another, with this son.  


Anyway he smokes.  I'm so proud of myself cause I didn't even crave one.  Even though the day was stressful.  I won!  I'm still a quiter!  NOPE