Ready and Able!

Blog Post created by autumnpepper on Oct 16, 2018

I finished reading the EASY WAY to quit book last night!  I missed one of my favorite TV shows (and these days I have few favorites) because I was so into the book!  It was fantastic!  I wish I had read it years ago, but I probably wasn't ready to take it all in then. 


My hubby and I talked about what I had read.  He quit cold turkey 19yrs ago and I've heard about it all the time.  It use to make kind of mad, cause I took it as him saying "see I did it, no problem"!  It has been a huge problem for me!  But after enjoying this site and preparing myself to quit, and especially after reading the book, I understand. He wasn't saying no big deal, you should do it too.  He was saying "I'm so glad I quit", " I'm healthy I'm happy", and " I'm proud of myself".  He should be proud.  I realize how he has remained quit all these years.  He never gave himself an excuse to light up again.  


I'm coming up on my quit date October 18th.  My best friend asked if that meant I would be smoking on the 18th or would that be the first day I wouldn't be smoking.  I told her I wouldn't be smoking on the 18th or sooner if I run out of cigs first. Then I thought about why she was asking. I am ready to quit!  I'm looking forward to it!  I have 2 cigarettes left and I'm smoking my last one tomorrow.  I wouldn't put it passed my friend to show up today or tomorrow with a pack for me to smoke myself to death before I quit!  I've already decided to tell her no thanks, I'm done.  I've spaced my few out so I would be able to smoke my last one tomorrow and I don't want anymore! 


Today I stood outside while it was raining and about 45 degrees and smoked, all the while not even wanting to smoke.  My desire has already diminished after all the help I've received here. 


I'm ready!  I know I will be a non smoker for the rest of my life. NOPE